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Installing your Banner

Grommets Placement

  • Our banners typically come with grommets on the corners, at every two feet, or at each corner and the middle, this allows for easier installation.

  • Use rope or zip ties through the holes and hang your banner at your desire place.

(If the banner is going to be outdoors, we recommend installing the banner as close to a flat surface to avoid natural elements from ripping your banner.)

Cleaning your Banner

If dirty,

  • Clean with a soft, damp, mixture of water and soap, rag. Try to work around the imprinted area as much as possible. This could cause the print to scratch or lose color at a faster rate than normal.

Products to Avoid Using

  • Any Harsh Substance

  • Chemical Cleaners

  • Scrubber Sponges

  • Paper Towels

  • Solvents (Paint Thinner, Acetone, Alcohol, Gasoline, etc.)

Storing your Banner

Never Fold,

  • Always roll your banner with the design towards the inside.

  • DO NOT allow the banner to have ink to ink contact with itself or any other type of print or paint.

  • DO NOT use rubber bands to secure the banner, it will cause creases.

  • Before storing, or rolling makes sure your banner is completely dry. DO NOT store if it is wet or damp. Store in a cool, dry location.



Banners 101

Banners 101

Cleaning and storing your banners.

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