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Surface Preparation

Wax the planned metallic surface.

  • The Magnetic sheet and metal surface should be clean and dry. In any outdoor application, such as car signs, the metal surface should be waxed, following manufacturer instructions.

Storage for Unapplied Magnetic Signs

Clean the magnetic signs.

  • The best way to store the magnetic material is individually flat. If magnetic sheets are to be stacked one on top of the other, we recommended that wax paper is in between them. Preferably in a place where dirt and dust will not accumulate. This might scratch the magnetic sign.

Magnetic Sign Installation

Once the area has been waxed and is clean,

  • The magnetic sheet holds best to flat surfaces or surfaces slightly curved in one direction. When the magnet is in the wrong position, remove the magnetic sheet by peeling it away, and realign it.

  • DO NOT pull the magnetic sheet to realign when it is attached to a metal surface. The magnet may scratch due to resistance provided by the high magnetic strength.

  • Make sure the entire magnetic sheet is against the metal surface and that there are no air pockets.

Cleaning Magnetic Signs

Frequent Care

  • Some moisture and dirt may collect between the magnet and metal surface, particularly in exterior applications such as vehicle signs. Remove and clean both the magnetic sheet and the metal surface with mild detergent and allow both to dry.

  • To protect painted and coated surfaces on vehicles,  we recommend the daily removal of magnetic signs; when ambient temperatures exceed ±100°F (The Higher the temperature, the more frequently we  recommend removal of the vehicle sign.)

For Vehicle Signs,

  • Repeat the cleaning process daily, reapplying wax as needed; to avoid scratching on painted surfaces.

Power Washing Graphics

  • Remove magnetic signs before power washing your vehicle.

Automated Car Wash

  • Remove magnetic signs before power washing your vehicle.

Products to Avoid Using

  • Solvents

  • Oil-based Cleaners

  • Kitchen/Bathroom Cleaners

  • Alcohol-based Cleaners



Care Tips for Magnetic Signs

Care Tips for Magnetic Signs

Avoiding your magnetic sign from falling off.

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