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Magnet Installation

Discover the power of magnetic appeal with our Magnet Installation Knowledge Section. Whether you're transforming your vehicle or enhancing your space, find expert tips and step-by-step guides for seamless magnet installations. Unlock the potential of magnetic solutions with our comprehensive resource hub, perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Materials Needed

  • Magnetic Sign

  • Clean, lint-free cloth or microfiber towel

  • Isopropyl alcohol, mild soapy solution, other surface preparation cleaner

  • Measuring tape

1. Surface Preparation

First prepare the surface the magnet is going to be place on. With a damp towel, whether with water and soap, glass cleaner (without ammonia), isopropyl alcohol, or other surface preparation liquid, make sure the surface is not tacky, greasy or contaminated. Apply a layer of car wax, this will help prevent damage from water, dirt, and road chemicals. If the surface has been recently painted, coated, or waxed, please refer to our Magnetic Signs warranty, manufactures' guide, or installers' recommendations to see the full curing time before any adhesive can be applied too.

2. Alignment & Positioning

Using a measuring tape and painters tape, mark where the magnetic sign is going to lay.

3. Adhering & Application

Allow one edge of the magnet to make contact with the vehicle, and slowly allow the rest of the magnet to make contact. If the magnetic sign needs to be repositioned, peel the entire magnet of the vehicle and repeat the process. Sliding the magnetic sign can scratch the vehicle's paint. With your palm and light-pressure, go throughout the magnet to make sure there are no air pockets or gaps between the magnet and the vehicle. Failure to do so could compromise the integrity of the magnetic sign and cause failure to adhere and fall off.

4. Finishing Touches

Always remove the magnetic sign from the vehicle before going to an automated car wash. Once a week, remove the magnet and clean the surface.


  • Avoid installing magnetic signs on freshly painted or unclean surfaces.

  • Remove the magnetic sign periodically to clean both the sign and the vehicle surface to prevent dirt buildup.

  • Store the magnetic sign flat when not in use to maintain its shape and effectiveness.

By following these detailed steps, you can install a magnetic sign on a vehicle effectively, ensuring a secure fit and a professional appearance.

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