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What Services do we offer?

We are an Embroidery, Printing and Engraving Shop.

Do we digitize in-house?

Yes, All of our digitization is done in-house by experts. To digitize a logo, depending on its complexity, usually takes about an hour. We do prefer if the file is a Vector (SVG, EPS, PDF) or a PNG, to speed-up the process.

Can we do trademarks or copyrighted material?

No, we cannot do trademarks or copyrighted material unless you own the trademark or the copyrighted material.

Can you send us your company's logo?

Yes, as long as you are the owner of the company or have permission to reproduce the logo. We do prefer if the file is a Vector (SVG, EPS, PDF) or a PNG.

Do we install decals?

Yes, we install decals, although we only place decals on clear days. If you want more information feel free to contact us.

How long does it take to get something done?

We usually have stocked items within the same business day. If you want bring an item in, depending when you bring it, we should have it done within the same day or the next business day. For large quantities, please contact us.

Can we embroider something if you bring it to us?

Most apparel we can embroider without issues, articles such as backpacks or lunch bags, will have to be seen personally.

Can we embroider on leather jackets?

Yes, we can stitch directly and we can also add patches to the jacket or vest.

Do we carry beanies?

Yes, we carry beanies with cuff and we can embroider on the cuff or if it is a small beanie we can embroider at the bottom.

Can we engrave on your personal tumbler?

We can engrave your tumbler, as long as it is powder-coated. We also offer tumblers in various colors in our store.

Do we offer bulk discounts?

Yes, most of the products we offer do have bulk discounts. To qualify for bulk discounts it will have to be the same logo and design for all the articles. Variations such as, names and numbers are permitted.

What sizes of shirts do we carry?

We carry from 6-Month-old Bibs all the way to 5XL.
6 & 12 Months, 2T - 6T, XS Youth - XL Youth, S - 5XL. Although, some brands do not offer all the sizes.

What is our warranty on our products?

Each category, or item, has a different warranty. To know more specifically, head towards our policy page and under warranty. If you have any doubts about our policy, please feel free to contact us.

What hats do you carry?

The hats we currently offer, in-store, are FLEXFIT, YUPOONG, Pacific Headwear, and OTTO. We also carry an arrangement of colors, sizes, and styles, to best fit your personalized look.

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