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Embroidery Enchantment

Embroidery Enchantment

Strategies to Protecting Your Stitched Masterpieces


Wash and dry garments inside out

  • Protect the embroidery by turning the garment inside down. While washing and drying clothes, they rub against each other (especially if they have zippers or buttons); this friction can cause abrasions or even rip the embroidered thread.

Dry clean might damage the transfer

  • Embroidery may be dry cleaned, however, extreme care should be exercised when dry cleaning. Special care must be taken when dark shades are dry cleaned. Avoid the use of pre-spotting agents.

Use a mild detergent

  • Any detergent that promises to “Whiten”, “Fight Stains”, or that contains any other kind of special additive, is not a mild detergent. If bleach is required for washing, a small amount of chlorine bleach can be used.

Dry on a delicate setting or hang dry

  • Just like when washing, it is essential to check in the product sheet if the material you are using is suitable for dry cleaning, and what is the recommended program. Hang drying is still the safest, way to dry your embroidered garment. Remove the garment promptly after the wash cycle has been completed. (Machine Wash cold water, Do not wring out the embroidered articles.)

Ironing is necessary,

  • Embroidered fabrics should always be ironed on the reverse side. You must place a piece of other fabric between the embroidery and the hot iron. This will allow keeping the embroidery from puckering after wash. Do Not wet embroidery before ironing or use a steam iron.

Do not rub stained embroidery

  • If the embroidery gets stained do not rub it, this will cause the stain to spread to the rest of the thread.


Test for dye runs

  • Before fully submerging the cap, wash a non-noticeable portion of the cap with some cold water. Using about a tablespoon of dish soap or mild detergent, Dip only a small part of the cap inside at first. Wait to see if there were any dye runs after a minute. If there are no dye runs continue to use the water.

Washing the cap carefully,

  • Using a soft-bristled brush off the sweatband and the rest of the cap. Submerge the cap in the water for 30 minutes for light cleaning, or 2 hours for heavy-duty cleaning.

Use a mild detergent

  • Any detergent that promises to “Whiten”, “Fight Stains”, or that contains any other kind of special additive, is not a mild detergent.

Rinsing with cold water,

  • Use a steady stream of cold water to rinse the detergent. Rinse until the soap is completely gone, usually, the cap will no longer feel sticky. Do not overly saturate, this will cause the hat’s bill to wrap. (Coldwater prevents discoloration and shrinking)

Do not use a dryer,

  • This will cause the cap to shrink. Instead, pat the cap with a towel removing as much water as possible. Proceed to let it dry on its own, in a well-ventilated area that is not close to a window. Use a cap frame shaper, a balled-up towel, or a bowl to maintain the caps’ shape while drying.

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